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Message of Support For Ukraine From Leominster Town Council

Leominster Town Council endorse the following statement made by Cllr David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council:

Herefordshire may be considered a backwater but for many years we have relied upon workers from Eastern Europe, Ukraine included, to work here.  Some have stayed and are bringing up their families here.   Many of us travel international and might have been to the Ukraine.  We have a strong global presence in the security industry and there are workers from Herefordshire in the Ukraine providing services. 

We might be considered a backwater, but actually we do have real connections.

Given the seriousness of war breaking out in Europe today for the first time in over 80 years It is appropriate for me, on behalf of the Council, to send a message of solidarity and sympathy to all democratically elected representatives of the government and of councils across Ukraine and to the people of Ukraine whom they all serve and represent.

The fabric and freedom of their society is under threat and our support, thoughts and prayers are with them all at this difficult and distressing time.

Our thoughts are also with the many residents of our own county who have friends and family in the region.

On behalf of the Council I want to also reach out to Ukrainians living in our County.  If we are able to support you, please let us know’.

Leominster Town Council extends its sympathy to the people of Ukraine and offers its support to Ukrainians living in the local community.