Let Herefordshire Council know what you think about proposals to extend Leominster’s existing historic market town centre conservation area – 15 August to 26 September 2022

Proposals to extend Leominster Town Centre’s conservation area

We are asking residents, property owners and businesses to have their say on a review of a Leominster conservation area, including a revision to its conservation area boundary.

A Conservation Area is designated because of the special quality of an area’s architectural and historic interest, with the aim of preserving or enhancing the unique character or appearance. Conservation Area status strengthens control over demolition, minor development, advertisements and the protection of trees within the designated area.

Leominster Town Centre was designated as a Conservation Area in May 1969, in recognition of the special architectural quality and remarkable range of building types.

Although the majority of the Conservation Area will remain unchanged, during the appraisal the boundary of the existing Conservation Area was reviewed and consideration given to extend it to the north to include additional buildings that would contribute to the character of the conservation area.

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