Leominster News March 2019

Launch of new Leominster Shop Watch group

A new Leominster Shop Watch group is being set up to help combat retail theft in the town.
There is no cost at the moment for membership but it is recommended that a hand held walkie talkie type radio is leased (cost available on request) which will give direct access to the staff at Herefordshire Council's CCTV control room who can then support the radio user by tracking and identifying the offender as well as directing police officers to the offender. The radios are also used by the local policing team members when they are on duty.

The benefits of being a member of a shop watch scheme are: 
• Links you to a network of other retail operations in your area all working to reduce crime against businesses
• To tackle and prevent retail crime and anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of retail crime, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
• Provides radio links to each other, police & the CCTV control room
• Provides photographs of known offenders.
• Forewarns businesses of potential problems.
• Helps protect staff and customers and makes for a more secure working and shopping environment.
• Preserves and improves value trade.
• Fosters good working relationships with the Police & Local authorities.
• Provides an opportunity to attend regular meetings with both other members and police.
• Helps provide information to the police to aid in prosecuting offenders.
• Provides information on exclusion notices from other schemes.
If you require any further information and to sign up to the new group please contact Debbie Turner, CCTV Commissioning Officer, Herefordshire Council on 01432 261713 or debbie.turner@herefordshire.gov.uk 


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