The Town Council is holding a consultation on its budget, plans and projects for 2019/20.

The Budget Leaflet for 2019/20 can be downloaded here.

Looking after the Town - What we do

  • Cleaning streets
  • Emptying litter bins in open spaces
  • Maintaining public toilets in Central carpark and the Grange
  • Watering flower displays
  • Funding CCTV
  • Providing access to CAB advice for residents
  • Team Leominster – sharing information between shopkeepers, police and key players
  • Support for Dementia Friendly Leominster
  • Setting out our priorities for facilities and future housing in our Neighbourhood Plan – Leominster is due for substantial growth by 2031
  • Commenting on planning applications

Looking after the Town - Future plans

  • Refurbishing public toilets
  • Exploring recycling for traders
  • Playing an active role in developing and putting into practice a Transport Strategy for the town

Parks, open spaces and footpaths - What we do

  • Grass cutting in parks and open spaces
  • Maintaining the Priory grounds, Pinsley Mead and the war memorial
  • Mowing verges on roads and in residential areas
  • Trimming hedges in open spaces and public rights of way
  • Controlling weeds
  • Looking after public rights of way
  • Supporting Walkers are Welcome and Walking for Health programmes

Parks, open spaces and footpaths - Future Plans

  • Mowing more frequently
  • Extending the areas we maintain
  • The Grange Masterplan - Public consultation about the Grange and how to make this a better space for townspeople and visitors of all ages
  • Installing more benches and better lighting at Sydonia Park

Events, Markets and Visitors - What we do

  • Weekly Friday market
  • Farmers and specialist markets
  • Christmas event in the Secret Garden
  • Support for events like the Victorian Christmas Market and Leominster Festival
  • TIC providing information to townspeople and visitors
  • Leaflets on town trails and attractions
  • Civic events – for example Remembrance Sunday and the May Fair
  • Christmas lights and a switch on event

Events, Markets and Visitors - Future Plans

  • Community/charity markets
  • Develop Secret Garden at 11 Corn Square for use for events and possibly camping - a low cost way to visit the town
  • Improving signage to town attractions to encourage visitors to spend more time and money here
  • First rentals for the Servants Quarters holiday let at 11 Corn Square – providing much needed town centre accommodation

Children & Youth - What we do

  • Keep fit and play equipment installed at Sydonia.
  • Maintaining equipment and keeping play areas safe.
  • Free boxing and skateboarding sessions provided for young people.
  • Wildplay sessions funded for local children.
  • Grants awarded to local community groups supporting young people (including the Priory Holiday Club and Vennture’s family support workers)
  • Research into youth provision and discussions with local young people about their wants and needs.

Children & Youth - Future PLans

  • Build an inclusive Duke of Edinburgh programme for young people of all abilities.
  • Renew play equipment, especially on the Grange.
  • Include equipment for teenagers in plans for refurbishing the Grange.
  • Take on extra play areas as new housing is built.
  • Include young people in the democratic process, creating new ways for them to communicate their views and ideas.
  • Work with community groups and support organisations to open up opportunities and remove barriers to education, training and participation.

Don't Spend Any More!


  • There is less funding from Herefordshire Council available to the Town Council.
  • In the last few years we have lost:-
    • Transitional funding
    • Lengthsman funding (mowing and maintenance)
    • P3 funding (footpaths etc)
  • Inflation is running at around 2.5%
  • Continuing reductions to Herefordshire Council’s grants from central government have already been agreed for years to come. Between 2010 and 2021 their grants will have been reduced by £90m.
  • This has reduced Herefordshire Council’s  spend in Leominster.
  • Your contribution to Leominster Town Council is all spent in the town
  • Many households in Leominster pay less per year for Leominster Town Council services than the standard rate per household, which is £2.58 a week.

In order to keep services at the level they are at the moment, the precept will have to increase.

We are carrying out a poll to obtain your views. Why not get involced and choose one option?


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