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Leominster Town Council Offices

Your Town Council consists of 16 town councillors, who are all volunteers. Four councillors represent each of Leominster’s four wards: Leominster North, Leominster South, Leominster East and Leominster West. Town Councillors are elected every 4 years and are supported by a paid team of 18 staff (the equivalent of  12.6 full time workers), who provide day-to-day council services. To find out more about our current Town Councillors, please follow this link: Councillors

The Leominster Town Council offices are located in the heart of the historical town centre, at 11 Corn Square.

Within our building, you will find the Leominster Town Council offices and Council Chamber. The administration office is situated on the ground floor and is open Monday to Friday 9.15am until 1pm.

The Council Chamber is located on the 1st floor and is the where the majority of town council meetings are held. Access is via stairs or lift. Meetings are generally held on Monday evenings and all members of the community are welcome to attend.  Please visit our Meeting Schedule page for information on upcoming meetings. There are 6 full council meetings and at least 30 committee meetings during the year, currently held online via Zoom. Committees are responsible for specific areas, such as Planning and Highways, Environmental Services, Finance and General Purposes and Communication and Events.

In addition to the town council offices, 11 Corn Square is home to Leominster Tourist Information CentreThe Old Stable GalleryServants’ Quarters Holiday Accommodation and The Secret Garden.

A number of our rooms and facilities are available for hire. Please see our Room Hire page for further information.

11 Corn Square is also home to two local charities, Marches Family Network and HVOSS Community Wheels.

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Town Council Staff

Contact details for Leominster Town Council staff and departments.

Please find a list of Town Council staff below, with contact email addresses and phone numbers. For general enquiries please use the contact us page.

  • Town Clerk: Julie Debbage

email: townclerk@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Office Manager: Jackie Whittall

email: j.whittall@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Office Administrator: Lena Dahnsjo-Player

email: admin@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Projects and Grants Officer: Liz Womack

email: e.womack@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Finance Assistant: Jo Lee

email: finance@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Markets Officer: Richard Brookman

email: markets@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk

  • Environmental Services Supervisor

email: grounds@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk Phone: 01568 611734

  • Tourist Information Centre Manager: Gill Ding

email: tourism@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk phone: 01568 616460

  • Tourist Information Centre Assistant & Events: Jaimie Wood

email: events@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk

  • Tourist Information Centre Assistant: Clare Stanton

email: ticassistant@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk