Leominster High Street Heritage Action Zone Scheme  (HSHAZ)

Leominster town centre will benefit from the multi-million pound High Street Heritage Action Zone Fund, which seeks to breathe new life into High Streets that are rich in heritage and potential.  Between now and March 2024, Herefordshire Council and Leominster Town Council will be working in partnership with residents, businesses and community groups to deliver a range of projects that aim to renew and rejuvenate Leominster’s High Street and Conservation Area.

The projects included in the Leominster HSHAZ Scheme were identified through public consultation and discussion with Historic England. They include:

  • improvements to the public realm, with a focus on Corn Square
  • a grants programme to restore key historic buildings/shopfronts and bring under-utilised buildings back into use
  • the introduction of Wi-Fi and footfall counters in the town centre
  • a web-based heritage app for promotion of Leominster’s history, tourism and retail offerings.
  • a review of listing building records and a Conservation Area Appraisal, to help to protect Leominster’s architecture and ensure that new developments are in keeping with Leominster’s unique townscape.

There will be many opportunities for local residents, businesses and community groups to help shape and contribute to these projects as they are developed. Further details will be posted on this page, as the Scheme progresses. For further information on projects in the Leominster HSHAZ Scheme, please contact Rob Ewing at Rob.Ewing@herefordshire.gov.uk

or https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/history-lives/high-street-heritage-action-zone

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Heritage Signage

We are now approaching the conclusion of the Town Council’s project to improve and enhance signage and interpretation materials in Leominster. The work has been funded by a European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development initiative that aims to encourage investment in tourism information and infrastructure.

The funding was provided to help us develop:
– improved pedestrian finger post signage throughout the town
– a trail of heritage interpretation boards, located around the town centre
– replacement welcome signs located on town entrances
– updated visitor information signs in the town car parks, bus station and railway station.

The town’s new welcome signs are now in place, with additional space for event notices to be added once COVID measures allow our fantastic range of town events to start up again. The pedestrian signage in the centre of town has also been given a much-needed update, with the addition of new fingerposts and two additional signposts in Corn Square and West Street. The final stages of the project are due to be completed this month, with the installation of visitor information signs in key points throughout the town and a trail of heritage interpretation boards that bring Leominster’s unique and fascinating history to life.

We are very grateful to the individuals and heritage groups that made this project possible by generously giving of their time, skills and expertise We would also like to thank our funders, for this wonderful opportunity to invest in Leominster’s signage and heritage.

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The Grange Open Space Masterplan

Leominster Town Council has adopted the Masterplan to help implement a range of projects and improvements on the Grange in Leominster. Red Kite Network Limited, a Shropshire-based landscape architecture, ecology and green space consultancy were commissioned to support the Council in developing a masterplan for the Site.

The Site incorporates Grange open space, the former cricket ground, the playground and recreation ground, The Priory, the Millennium Green and Pinsley Mead. The brief was to create a destination park, which will include a revitalised play area and recreation space for the local community, whilst also enhancing the wildlife and tourism potential of the Site.

The Adopted Masterplan

The final documentation can be downloaded below, please note these files (PDF) may not be fully accessible, contact us for accessible files:

Presentation to the Environment & Services Committee – 16th September 2019

Consultation Report


In March-April 2019, public consultation was carried out to determine local residents’ and stakeholders’ views on and priorities for The Grange. The Phase 1 Public Consultation Report sets out the methodology and findings of the public consultation, and is available by clicking here

Based on the findings of the Phase 1 Consultation, alongside the technical site analysis carried out by the design team, Red Kite developed concept proposals for The Grange, which are available by contacting us

The Phase 2 Consultation, carried out in July 2019, gave local residents and stakeholders the opportunity to provide their feedback on the proposals. Red Kite are now collating the results of the Phase 2 Consultation and finalising the proposals based on the feedback we’ve received. Leominster Town Council will then use the final masterplan and supporting consultation evidence to apply for the funding required to make these plans a reality.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to The Grange Project consultation. We hope that the final proposals will provide an exciting, sustainable and resident-led vision for this much-loved open space in the heart of Leominster.

For more information on the Grange Project, please email townclerk@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk or telephone the Town Council Offices on 01568 611734.