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Environmental Services

Leominster Town Council began taking on services in the town in 2014 when the public toilets were threatened with closure. They were asset transferred from Herefordshire Council and currently there are plans to refurbish both Central Car Park Toilets and The Grange toilets.

In 2015 the Environmental Team was established and initially they carried out street cleaning in the town centre, emptied the bins on the town council open spaces, The Grange, Sydonia and Ginhall Green. Public consultation has shown year on year that residents value the cleanliness of the town and the public open spaces and the team has grown to enable the town council to take on additional responsibilities. Services currently provided by the Environmental Team include:

  • The provision of 106 allotment plots at the Ginhall Lane Site
  • Town Centre street cleaning and weed spraying
  • Provision of two public toilet blocks
  • Mowing and maintenance of The Grange, Sydonia, Ginhall Green, Pinsley Mead, Priory Gardens and grounds, Millenium Green
  • Mowing of all the town verges under license from Herefordshire Council
  • Supporting Leominster in Bloom with watering feeding and maintenance
  • Facilitating a business waste recycling scheme in partnership with Binit Ltd
  • Maintenance of Public Rights of Way within Leominster Parish
  • Inspection and maintenance of play areas on The Grange, Sydonia and Ginhall Green
  • Erecting the monthly Farmers Market stalls